Electronic pricing scale

Time:2019-06-15 08:51:38

The electronic price scale is finely crafted, made of an exclusive large battery, multi-angle large liquid crystal display, super anti-freeze, can work at very low temperature, without any influence, and with simple counting function, with The animal husbandry function uses high-precision resolution. The main board adopts double-layer epoxy board and adopts the patch technology, which greatly improves the service life of the electronic price scale, and is deeply loved by the majority of merchants. The scale is not fully sealed and has an operating temperature range of (Oec, 40°C). Therefore, it should not be used in direct sunlight or above 40'C, below 0°C. It is not suitable for high humidity and dust. Used within the environment. b The scale has a horizontal adjustment phase indicating device. Therefore, the horizontal adjustment should be made before use so that the bubble of the level is in the middle equilibrium position. cThe scale has no mechanical locking device. Therefore, once placed and adjusted, it should not be easily moved. In particular, it should not be given violent collision and shock vibration. d Do not place heavy objects and impact on the weighing pan at will. High power tools that can cause large fluctuations in the grid voltage cannot be used on the e power network. The scale can not be washed and washed with water, and it is not suitable to scrub the surface with a chemical solvent such as acetone.

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